Tinline Property is deeply committed to Kiwi communities. They believe wholeheartedly in the value of shared spaces that provide a platform for social, economic and cultural well-being. New Zealand needs healthy communities. As we engage with an increasingly digital-oriented lifestyle, access to purposeful people-first spaces that encourage interaction and quality shared experiences is crucial to retaining a rich and sustainable community dynamic.

Tinline manage 3 major shopping centres around the country including Richmond Mall, Papamoa, and Barrington. These shopping centres are vibrant community hubs - energised spaces for people to not only find the services and products they need - but to find each other - shopping, eating, drinking, relaxing, enjoying. Lumiere has worked with Tinline to produce content of their energised spaces, as well as other corporate content for Tinline themselves.

Applied Services

  • Studio Photography
  • Documentary Photography
  • Video Production
  • Post-Production

Project Credits

  • Project Management Lumiere
  • Photography Lumiere
  • Video production Lumiere
  • Talent Xavier Napoleon


Environmental Photography


Corporate Photography

Tinline Exec Team Banner.jpg

Website Banner Videos


Final Project Deliverables

  • Product Photography on white background for e-commerce store
  • Short Film Documentary for placement on about website page
  • Environmental Documentary Photography for website and social media placements


Other Recent Works

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