What's the Best Instagram Ratio?


Here at the Lumiere HQ, a lot of discussion and questions happen on the daily, but one thing I’ve noticed that often gets yelled across the room is, “What’s the right ratios for Instagram again?!” So after some more discussion with the team, we decided to create the ‘Lumiere Instagram Ratio Cheat Sheet!’ This will be a help for everyones productivity workflow in the office - whether it be for design, video or photo!

As I was creating this Cheat Sheet, I was thinking about how I know of a lot of different people in a lot of different fields who could use this information, hence why it’s in a blog post to be shared with anyone who’s interested. So check it out here below and save the image for future use!


One thing to keep in mind when creating your content or taking the photo you’re wanting to post on instagram is what orientation you’re going to use. My personal preference is posting portrait content because it fills up more of the screen on a phone compared to a landscape post. Landscape is still great, it just depends on what sort of content you’re trying to share with your audience!

Hopefully this is something that you can refer to whenever you need to know what some of the best ratios for Instagram are. Let us know if you found this helpful or want more infographics like this one!


Blog by Danielle Eagle, Graphic Design Intern