Template Folder Structure for your Video Projects

Template Folder Structure Lumiere

Organisation. If there is one thing that causes avoidable stress within an edit project, it is a lack of organisation. ‘Hey bro, where is that footage from last weeks shoot?’ is not something you want to hear everyday. When it comes to designing a robust post-production workflow, you need to create a consistent, scalable and teachable file structure for you and your team.

When you are working on short projects like a weekly v-log or a small commercial shoot you can become lazy and just put everything into one folder. This may be fine when you only have a handful of assets, but it is bad practice for when the time comes to manage a multi day shoot with hundreds of moving parts. Be consistent. Is your folder structure the same with every project? Is your folder structure scalable? Can it easily be adjusted to work with large projects. Is it simple enough to teach? Can someone new come along and find their way around without having to read a user manual?

You know you’ll have a good file structure template when anyone in your team can find any asset, at anytime within seconds.

At our company we use this folder structure below that has been developed over many years working on a wide range of video projects. At the beginning of each job this folder structure is copied under the client name, so everyone on the team is super clear where every asset lives.


Start using this on your own projects and download the file structure template in a ZIP file.