Photek Soft Lighter II - Light Modifier


The latest addition to the kit of light modifiers is the Photek Soft Lighter II. "The Photek SoftLighter II 60″ Umbrella takes light from your strobe head or monolight, reflects it into its white panels, then softens it again with a diffuser on its way out. This 60″ size is perfect for a 1 – 2 person full length portrait, or 4×5 ft product setup. It will illuminate ~20 sq ft. The unique construction consisting of ten panels instead of the usual eight gives more reflective surface, more perfect circle of light - more flattering catch lights in the subject’s eyes."


I first came across the Photek Soft Lighter through Felix Kunze's lighting series. He's a master of the soft light in studio and uses the Photek umbrella to achieve the soft light look. We needed something in our kit that was a lot more nimble and quicker to set up than the Octobox we currently have, so the umbrella was a great solution. It's super light, packs down nice and small and is set up in a couple minutes.

One of the main differences in the umbrella vs the Octobox is the direction the light faces. With the Octo, the light shoots out and is diffused through either 1 or 2 layers of diffusion, where as with the Umbrella, the light reflects into the umbrella and then spreads the light out and then through a layer of diffusion, making the light nice and soft.

We recently used it on a studio shoot for Home-lee for their up-and-coming release of their new range. Here's a couple of examples below...

Blog by Tim Williams, Lumiere Co-Founder