One way to format your horizontal videos for Instagram


For video-editors vertical video aka ‘phone footage’ tends to be a headache. Though social networks such as Instagram are slowly changing the way we watch video, generally people still view videos in the traditional 16:9 (landscape) format. Yet, smartphones seem to be getting better cameras each quarter now (see this video on Huawei’s new P30 Pro with its astonishing x50 zoom) and this trend means we’re going to see more vertical framed video footage. So what do we do?

While I was working in the news room I was introduced to a decent fix for this framing-issue.



  1. Duplicate the vertical clip

  2. Enlarge it to fit a horizontal sized video frame

  3. Blur this enlarged clip into the background behind the original vertical clip.

Doing this enables you to keep the original vertical clip in it is highest resolution whilst keeping the surrounding area ‘somewhat’ relevant to the footage you’re playing back.

Blog by Tom Soldan, Video Editor & Producer