How to Make a GIF in Photoshop


Have you ever wondered how to make an easy GIF? Well here’s a set by step tutorial on how to create a GIF in photoshop!

  1. Open up the images you’d like to create your GIF with. Do this by selecting File > Open. Once you’ve got your images, Photoshop will open all your images into seperate files, however you want them all in ONE file. To do this you will need to choose one image file which you want to create your GIF in, it doesn't matter what file you choose.

  2. Once you’ve done that, go into all of the other image files, unlock the image layer (which will probably be your background layer), click and drag the image so it’s hovering over the file you’re going to build your GIF in, then drop it into that document. Make sure it’s centre aligned so your GIF looks sharp and clean. Repeat this step until you have all of your images in the one file, closing each image file as you go so you don’t get confused with what file you’re creating your GIF in.

  3. Simply rename each image layer and now you’re on to the fun part!

  4. When all your images are in one working file, you’re ready to start creating your GIF. Open up the Timeline panel (Window > Timeline) and select Create Frame Animation. By clicking Create Frame Animation, you have just created the first frame for your GIF. Duplicate that first frame to create a second frame and go over to the layers panel and hide the top layer. Duplicate the second layer and go over to the layers panel and hide the second top layer. Repeat this until you get to the point where the last image layer in still showing, then start building back up to the top revealing layers so that all of them are showing, still duplicating the previous frame

  5. Select all the frames except for the first one by holding shift and clicking, then hold down ‘Alt’ or ‘Option’ and click and drag to duplicate and add these frames onto the end. Once you’ve done that, delete the very last frame, so that you have a smooth looping GIF.

  6. Select all of the frames and change the time of the frames flicking between each other to 0.2 seconds, do this by clicking the small arrow at the bottom of one of the frames and select 0.2 seconds.

  7. Now that you have your GIF, to export go to File > Export > Save for Web and make sure that the file format in the top right is set to .GIF. Then navigate to where you’d like to save your GIF, rename it and click save.

Just like that, your GIF is complete! Now that you know how the basics of how to create a GIF, have fun and experiment! Here’s some examples of what we’ve done here at the Lumiere!

Blog by Danielle Eagle, Graphic Design Intern