4x Apps to Take Your Instagram Story to the Next Level


It’s no secret that Instagram Stories is quickly taking over the game and is a very powerful tool when it comes to the social media sphere. With 500 million users using Instagram Stories every single day, the feature is constantly growing and it has been predicted that Instagram Stories user views will surpass the traditional Facebook and Instagram feed format in the near future.

If you’re not already active on your brand’s Instagram Stories, we’d highly recommend that you start to utilise this in-built feature as it’s a great way to generate engagement, increase your brand visibility, grow your community (Instagram Stories are discoverable and able to be seen by anyone – even those that don’t directly follow you!) and are a great opportunity to provide some behind-the-scenes insight to your audience.

Whilst your feed can be viewed as the “modern-day business card” as you put your work/product/business’ best foot forward in a curated fashion, Instagram Stories are perfect for adding a slightly more personable and approachable undercurrent to your brands social media. Creating visually engaging and aesthetically pleasing Instagram stories may seem a little daunting but with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be a hard or time-consuming task.

We’ve put together a list of our top 4 apps that are user-friendly and are a Lumiere ‘must-have’ if you want to up your Instagram Stories game!



Editing your photos on the go has never been easier. VSCO provides a range of beautiful presets that you can easily apply to your images to take them to the next level. The basic tools of photo editing are all in-app if you want to have a play around such as contrast, brightness and saturation, but most of the time your photos will be transformed just by simply applying one of their presets to your image. Choose your favourite filter, adjust anything as necessary, and export! It’s as easy as that!


2. Unfold


This app is by far one of the easiest ways to change up your Instagram Stories and create content that has an extra bit of punch (with minimal effort!) With a good variety of free clean, minimalistic and modern templates to insert your own photos and videos into, Unfold is the perfect app to create a cohesive look for a story sequence.

If you really fall in love with the app (like we have!) and feel like investing a few dollars into broadening your Unfold “horizons”, we highly recommend the FFI pack – it’s a pack full of film-strip and polaroid templates which we love!


3. Filmm App

Gone are the days where you can only use Instagram’s own filters to edit your iPhone videos! Filmm is a recent release on the scene (released in June 2019) but it’s already taking the social media world by storm! There’s been a huge gap in the market for a user friendly video-editing app like this for a long time now, so we’re not the only ones that are stoked at the release of this app.

Created by the creators of A Color Story in collaboration with youtuber and influencer, Zoe Sugg, this app lets you add a range of film-like effects to your video clips such as presets, light leaks and dust/grain, as well as giving you access to some more advanced adjustment tools like curve adjustment. It also gives you the option to split your video up for Instagram Stories, which is super handy!

As it’s still fairly new, it is currently only available for iOS users however they’ve already said that developing a version for Android users is on their radar so keep an eye out.


4. WordSwag

Their website says “it’s like a graphic designer in your pocket” and we couldn’t agree more! Like the name suggests, WordSwag helps you to turn your words into beautiful designs by giving you an array of incredible typography options to choose from at the touch of a finger.

You can upload one of your own images to use as your base or you can select a texture, background or image from their huge in-built gallery. With their exclusive Typomatic type machine, WordSwag will make you look like a graphic design whizz and simply and quickly elevate the quality and professionally of your content creation.

These 4 apps are all available on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (with the exception of Filmm!) and are sure to help you increase the quality of the content you can produce right from your phone. As Instagram Stories are only visible for 24 hours we know it can be hard to justify spending hours creating content only for it to disappear the next day, so we hope the above app recommendations come in handy for you to quickly produce beautiful and effective content, inspire you to get a little creative, and help you to take your Instagram Stories to the next level!

Blog by Ariana Gonzales, Lumiere Social Media Coordinator.