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Meet the Lumiere Team

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With a combined industry experience of over 15 years, Joshua and Tim have the knowledge and expertise to interpret and deliver your brand's story at the highest quality. 

Joshua Kirk - Lumiere

Joshua Kirk

Joshua and his wife Sophie have been based in Nelson since 2015 and are expecting their first child in October. He has an extensive background in video production having worked as a senior video editor for a successful video production studio in New Zealand. Joshua is focused on creative story telling through compelling composition and lighting. With the little down time he has between work and family, you may find him mountain biking and enjoying the fresh air on some of Nelson's world renowned mountain bike trails.

Tim Williams - Lumiere

Tim Williams

Father of 2 (Arlo & Finley) with his beautiful wife Shelley, moved to Nelson in 2016 after spending a little over 10 years abroad in Sydney and London to settle and raise a family in the most beautiful part of the world.

Tim is an award winning photographer having worked with clients in the UK, Italy, Australia and NZ.

Tim is passionate about creativity, photography, music and creating unique and memorable customer experiences by providing exceptional customer service and delivering a professional and high quality product. 

He also has a desire for creating pathways for the next generation to pursue their dreams.


A big part of who we are stems from this one question we kept asking ourselves in the early days. Why?

When Lumiere was nothing but a big dream and a few conversations between two mates, this one question kept cropping up. Why? Why start Lumiere? This small three letter word has helped refine the direction of the company. 

Creating excellent digital content for us is more than a job. Creativity and excellence is a lifestyle that we want to embody in every arena. We desire as a company to see creativity pushed to its extremes and maximised to its potential to bring about positive change in our world. Positive change doesn't always have to be big. It can be as simple as helping a local business grow, but we want to partner with brands that are changing the world for the better; to capture their genuine expression and help give a digital boost to see their big vision come true. Even in the first few months of seeing Lumiere begin, we have been privileged and humbled to rub shoulders with some of the world's most inspiring and driven people.

Our strengths lie in creating content and distributing that content in the digital space. We know our why, and if we can use our skills to help change initiators go from a small change to a big change through a digital strategy, then we're onto something great. The more we ask 'why?', the more we realise a better question to ask is... Why not?